iPhone 7: An overview


iPhone 7 is making the hottest news around here, and so we bring to you all the features and information about the same. For everyone who’s missed out on much of the news about it, here’s an overview of additions and subtractions from the iPhone7 you can expect:


1. Colour: The same old colours for iPhone 7 has made us all view it as rather boring and too typical. The same colour options to choose from time and again has made it all monotonous. However, the iPhone 7 shall bring in a major change and add in two new colours, namely, the Space Black and Navy Blue. Black? Yes! Blue? Looks like iPhone is rather following the footsteps of Samsung. But whatever it is, we are all glad that there’s newness to choose from.

2. Design: There’s too much of consistency we’ve already seen in iPhones and now with the iPhone 7, Apple chose to break all the typical kind of design ideas and has now made a few major design changes. One of them being a 4K resolution display for pictures as good as DSLR and, another being the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Connect speakers and/or earphone via Bluetooth through the lighting port! For what joy? Well, for having an iPhone which is an mm thinner and of course prettier. Yet another change will be the removal of the antenna bands on the back while those on the top and bottom remain! The home button shall also undergo a modification and that’d be done with the aim of making it all a little more touch sensitive.

Availability: Having spoken about all the features that the iPhone will have, another concern is when will it be available and for what value?

September is the month for iPhones and it’d be nothing different for the iPhone 7 as well. 16th September is the day for our iPhone 7’s and iOS 10 official release and if we go by the trend that has been followed, the pre-orders being a week early so 9th is the day to begin with the ordering procedure.

Price would rather be acceptable this time, given all the newness and changes that the iPhone 7 has brought along with itself. On the lower side, the iPhone 7  price would be 60,000 INR and on the higher side it could be as high as 95,000 INR.

Will it be worth it? Ask an iPhone fan! You’ll definitely know it is!

Latest gadgets will change your life

Todays more people using Smartphone or Apple because of the advanced technology. By using this Smartphone or Android or Apple you can do anything, which means whatever you want to know that all the things you can search and know it. By using this mobiles, you can get more entertainment. Most of the people using this mobiles for their business use, personal use and educational use. So these mobiles markets is improving day by day and also this Smartphone markets has heavy competition to produce the quality products which means quality mobiles. Nowadays more advanced and latest gadgets are available in the world so have to ready to buy those things.

Galaxy Note 5:

1. Design and display:

More galaxy fans expecting Samsung galaxy Note 5 because the previous versions got top place in the Smartphone market so the expectation is more in this Galaxy Note 5 than the previous Smartphone, but this Note 5 is going to release in upcoming September 2015. This Galaxy Note 5 will overcome the drawbacks of galaxy Note 4. Now the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would have Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. The screen size of Galaxy Note 5 would have 5.9 inches. The Galaxy Note 5 will focus on very high quality visual display.

2. Features And Specification:

More people expecting the device will come with the 4 GB of random access memory and more powerful processor. The camera size is about to be 21 mega pixels in the resolutions which is rear camera and the front camera size is about to be 6 mega pixel of resolutions. It is to be capable of the full HD video capture as well as you can take selfie yourself. This Galaxy Note 5 expecting the feature is that the battery capacity is to be 4000 mAh and it would have ultra battery saver mode. It would have plenty of the Samsung watching sites; it would have octa core Snapdragon 810 chipset. This Galaxy Note 5 may power by Exynos 7420 chipset as well as would have four Cortex A57 cores and four Cortex A53. The storage options range is to be from 16 GB up to 128 GB. Therefore, you can get Galaxy Note 5 with the advanced features as well as can get more enjoyment. It has 5 inches Super OLED 4K resolution of 3D display but the Galaxy Note 5 has 5.9 inches 4K SUPER AMOLED display, this galaxy Note 5 has aluminum-finished edges with all metallic curved body. Both the Smartphone has Shutter proof, waterproof and dustproof.  Both the Samsung galaxy S6 and the galaxy Note 5 operating system is about Android 6.0.

iPhone 6 Plus:

1. Features and specs:

Apple recently released iPhone 6 Plus with advanced software and hardware. This mobile will have high technology. The iPhone 6 Plus has 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm and 172g, and it has iOS (8.x). The iPhone 6 Plus has the dimensions is about 6.22 x 3.06 x 0.28 inches as well as its weight is about 6.07 oz. It made with the aluminum material. The physical size of iPhone 6 Plus is about 5.5 inches as well as it has 1080 x 1920 pixels resolutions. The pixel density of iPhone 6 Plus is 401 ppi and it use IPS LCD technology. The screen to the body ratio is about 67.91 percent for iPhone 6 Plus as well as the display colors is just 16 777 216. It has multitouch screen model so you can easily operate this Smartphone as per your convenient. The iPhone 6 Plus has light sensor, Scratch resistant of glass, proximity sensor and the oleo phobic coating. The iPhone 6 Plus has dual LED and the aperture size of the iPhone 6 Plus is about F2.2. The focal length of iPhone 6 Plus is about 29mm. The camera sensor size of iPhone 6 Plus is 1/3 as well as it has back illuminated sensor, autofocus, and exposure compensation and so on.  Nowadays, most of the people using Apple iPhone because it gives luxurious look to the people. That too iPhone 6 made with advanced technology so everyone likes to have this Apple iPhone with them.

Fastest Way For Instant Chatting And Calling

Nowadays, smartphones dominate the market of telecommunications because almost all people having this. This phone consists of well known features, this used to operate the own susyem like Andoris, Windows Mobile as well as iOS. You can also have more options in a smartphone. Some of the important applications are Whatsup as well as Blackberry messenger because it allows you to send the different messages from one person to another on anywhere in all over the world. The Viber has also become more popular because it provides the instant messaging as well as other service this used for phone calls and text messages. This application is well known as Viber.

Entire service of Viber:

1.      Fully Compatible:

You can instal the Viber application of the blackberry as well as in iPhone. Most of the smartphone users using this Viber apps on the Windows system. Once if you instal this app on your phone, then you can able to send SMS and call to the contacts. Even, the current version helps to create the grown chat on own.

2.      Imagery:

Viber has various options like share the photos to friends. In case when you have any images on your computer, then you can able to take that photo on the phone and make the text on it to send to your friends even for more contacts at a single time.

3.      Smiley And Stickers:

The Viber contains many of the smiley and sticker. The sticker used to express the happiness, this make every guy to feel happy. When you need to change any of the stickers, then you can replace the old into a new one, this option is available on Viber. Moreover, you can easily update all the smiley for each month without any cost. To get the smiley, the user no need to invest any money.

4.      Location:

In Viber, you can see the location, this is one of the biggest advantages, because through GPS it will show the current location of your place, this useful for people who are unknown of their place. Moreover, by using this location you know where your friends are there. You can activate the location when you need. In case, if you like to deactivate also you can do it within the fracture of time. By using the location map, you can reach your friends as well as they find you easily.

5.      Contact:

By using the contact list, people can able to get through your calls. When you have your friends number on your phone, then it will show the details on Viber account. You can make the calls to your friends who are having the Viber account only, other than that you never make the call. Like Whatsup, the Viber also same, but Whatsup have the video calls, but by using the Viber app, making video call is easy.

6.      Emoticons:

Viber have the numerous varieties of smiley and emoticons this helps to express the feelings of people in a fun way.

7.      Call Log:

Viber also has the option of call logs, by using these people can able to get the details of last call. Whenever you need, you can able to return the logs at anytime.

8.      Coverage:

The  Viber is available in worldwide, by using this you can able to take the video call from entire world. Viber mostly works in Worldwide from this user can also send the SMS to others, when they have the contacts. Along with the telecommunication companies, this Viber provides the free SMS. Normally, people spending most of the money in order to get the talktime and SMS packs, this used to waste your money. In SMS pack, you have only limited SMS but in Viber, the message pack is not a limited from this you can able to enjoy your life by chatting often.

9.      Download Option:

The Viber is suitable for all types of Smartphone, the app is available in online. When you need to install on the phone, then install within few minutes. The fibre is a free download, by this install without any price. Moreover sign in the fibre is easy, it is easy to use.

How To Create Attractive Logo within Seconds Online Free

Create Free ONline Logo

One of the most exciting things you could do when first beginning a blog of your very own, is to develop a fantastic logo style for the site. A company logo is wonderful because it really makes that impression of your website pop, brings a higher worth to the site and also brand names your website as an authority in the process. Where most people fail when developing a logo, is that they do not know how to properly develop it themselves or do not have sufficient cash to work with an expensive developer.

Prior to we jump into how you can produce a logo for your website, allow’s very first highlight a few of the several benefits of having a custom-made logo.

Excellent marketing tool as well as brand names your site from the group
Represents exactly what your site or company mean
Flaunt your creativity and also knowledge with your logo design
A company logo enhances your blog site above the competitors, as many do not have logos
Regularly brings brand-new reliability and also professionalism and reliability to your blog
And also the listing goes on and on … I have a handful of sites that I’m consistently concentrating my efforts on and each of them have their very own custom company logo design. I feel this is among one of the most vital elements when developing an internet site, blog site or brand on the internet.

Ways to Develop a Company logo with Logo123.com
When it comes time to produce your company logo, you have a lot of alternatives. Gone are the days when you need to hunt for a high quality developer or layout agency, simply to pay many hundreds of dollars– if not thousands for a wonderful company logo design! As an alternative we can now make use of the power of independent style sites and marketplaces to get the work done more affordable, without the need to sacrifice on high quality.

Logo123.com is a 30 minute online company logo maker powered by freelance designers. Best of all, it’s simply $5 of getting started!

Unlike various other job marketplaces (like Fiverr), Logo123.com is concentrated on merely company logo layouts and has hundreds of developers that offer first class designs within as fast as Thirty Minutes. One more big problem for having actually a logo created via Fiverr, is that people are paying the cash and coming back very bad layouts with basic clip fine art, and also completion consumer isn’t really satisfied.

Create Free ONline Logo

When it come to Logo123.com, they provide a full wide range of styles, a portfolio that highlights previous layouts send with the site and also a developer directory site where you could view their ratings as well as personal profile of logos.

To get started with your company logo layout, you merely need to go to Logo123.com as well as click on the ‘Get going’ switch.


For each logo style concept you will certainly have to pay $5 (as an example, if you really want a 20 various variations/ concepts of your logo design … it would certainly cost $100 total amount). Once you encounter a company logo design that you are happy with, you can select it and pay $49 for the complete civil liberties to the company logo, while likewise receiving every one of the high quality digital files.

In contrast to other design websites, this is still pretty economical. For instance, 99Designs logo layout begins at $299 as well as you can required about 30 design ideas from their website. If you wanted to get 30 layout principles from Logo123.com, it would only set you back $150 (30 styles X $5) as well as $49 to buy the layout you such as most effectively.

After you click on “Begin”, you will certainly then reach stroll with the procedure of just how you would certainly like your layout to look. Your info supplied will certainly cover the various kinds of designs you would certainly like for your company logo (even more listed below), a comprehensive short on your get in touch with info, company logo name, company details (so developers could find out more regarding ways to represent your logo) as well as any added remarks or suggestions you may have for your logo style.

Order_logo_design_concepts _– _ logo123_com.

While completing your design form, you will additionally reach pick just what type of logo designs you presently like. This will go a lengthy method for the designer, as you are giving them a good idea of what method to take. There are hundreds of logo designs to pick from and also you can arrange them based upon category/industry as well.

Order_logo_design_concepts_favorites _– _ logo123_com.

When finished, you would certainly then be sent out to the verification page to have your order refined, which after that brings about the production of your logo design layouts.


Logo123 Profile Designs and also Featured Designers.
While selecting exactly what type of company logo you would certainly such as produced for your website, you can additionally have a look at their profile, which features several of the previous designs that were developed through Logo123. With a typical score of 4.9 celebrities (out of 5) and also over 690 real client testimonials, not only will you be amazed with the quality of these styles– you need to also have not a problem developing an innovative concept for your logo as well.

Logo_Design_Gallery_and_Testimonials _-_ logo123_com.

Logo123 is everything about making the layout process for your logo design as seamless and also expert as possible. With their direct partnerships with hundreds of designers around the world, Logo123 has a substantial profile of not only logo developers, yet also the graphic designers themselves.

In the screenshot listed below you could see a few of their top graphic developers, some of which that have currently have actually produced and marketed hundreds of graphics. Each designer likewise has their own client score, which keeps their quality of job at the highest levels in any way times.

Logo_Designer_Team _-_ logo123_com.
Creating Your Logo design with Logo123 in Under 30 Minutes.
As mentioned previously, there are a bunch of selections available when it concerns graphic design and also logo design development. When you throw in Logo123’s low prices each style idea as well as the ability to begin receiving designs within 30 minutes, it’s a great deal for both the designer and the individual or brand name ordering the logo style.

If you don’t currently have a logo design for your site, there’s no much better time to buy one than today. Make sure to go to Logo123 to shop for a personalized company logo design while additionally building a relied on, expert and widely known brand name for your website.